Frequently Asked Questions

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About appointments

  • What’s the average waiting time to get an appointment ?

If it’s a flash piece it could be pretty fast, from a few days to a month depending on my schedule. 

  • Is the deposit refundable or transferable to another project ?

For a flash, the deposit if refundable if you cancel a 48h or more prior to your appointment.

  • What’s a consultation for ?

The consultation is not necessary for a flash, except if there is a particular constraint like a cover-up or if it’s a filler.

  • How can I get an appointment for a custom tattoo ?

I do no longer take appointment for custom tattoos.

  • How can I get an appointment for a flash ?

Send me an email at


  • How can I book an appointment for a flash if I live outside of Montreal and can’t come to check out your book?

Send me an email at You can book a flash you saw on Instagram or chose a design the day of the tattoo.

  • How can I take an appointment if I’m only travelling in Montreal for a visit ?

 Send me an email at You can book a flash you saw on Instagram or chose a design the day of the tattoo.

 PLEASE NOTE that it’s important that you contact us a minimum of 1 month in advance if you have specific dates for your appointment. Please be specific in your email about your availabilities !

  • Can I take an appointment at the last minute ?

Depending on my availabilities, yes if it’s for a flash ! Send me an email at with your availabilities.

  • Can you modify one of your flash on demand ?

I can do that, but don’t be too picky :D

  • Do you tattoo your flashs more than once ?

Some of my flash are made to be tattooed once, and some of them are not. But I’m always very clear about it, don’t worry with that.

  • Am I going to see my design before the days of my tattoo appointment ?

No sorry ! You can pick up a design in my flashbook the day of the tattoo and I can modify some things if you want.

  • What are your rates ? 

The deposits vary between 50-100$, the tattoo prices are per piece and depend on size, design and placement. 

In general, to give you a rough idea, the prices of my flashs vary between 200-500$.


General information

  • Where do you work ?

I work in my own studio « Minuit Dix » that is located in Montreal in the mile-end at 5445 Ave. De Gaspé, Suite 416 (4th floor)

  • Where Can I see your flashs ?

I post my flashs on social networks sometimes, but everything is in my book at the shop.

  • How Can I get in touch with you ?

You have to pop an email at murielminuitdix(at)gmail(.)com
I read all messages but I no longer answer them personally so I can spend more time drawing.

  • Will you be coming to work in my town ?

I travel often but I always decide at the last minute where I go. The best way to know before everyone where I’m going next is to subscribe to my newsletter.

  • What is vegan tattoo ?

My ink and the material that I use during the whole tattoo process contain no animal products.

  • What’s the difference between a flash and a custom project ?

A custom design is a design personalized especially for my client. Flashs are designs that I do where customers can choose on site from my book.

  • Do you ever refuse certain project ?

Yes. I refuse projects that don’t correspond me or subjects that I did to much of or those that go against my values. (like cultural appropriation for example)

  • What important thing do I need to do BEFORE my tattoo appointment ?

It is important to come to your appointment rested and to have eaten before your tattoo.

  • What do I need to do AFTER the tattoo appointment ?

There will be aftercare to be done during the weeks following your tattoo. Everything will be explained to at the studio, you will also be able to take a flyer home with you where all the the steps for the aftercare are explained. 

  • I sent you an email 2 days ago and I never got a reply !

We are receiving a lot of emails and the person who will answer you is doing her best, but it’s possible that at times that a 2 days to a weeks délais for replies.

If after one week you still didn’t get a reply, send a friendly reminder just in case  :)

  •  Can I bring someone with me during my session ?

The person who tags along cannot come in the tattoo zone with you but they can wait at the waiting area ( the studio is an open space so your friend will be able to see what’s going on) Try to come with one person only because there aren’t a lot of chairs :)

  • Do you only tattoo your designs ?

I don’t tattoo designs from other artists, however I sometimes accept certain projects (for example a design done by someone you know). In any case send an email to murielminuitdix(at)gmail(.)com with a picture of the design to know if it’s possible.

  • Can I buy one of your designs and get it tattoos at another studio ?

Contact me by email to explain your situation !

  • Should I tip and how much ?

Tips are at your own discretion ! Usually, tips vary between 20-100$.

  • Can you send me my design by email ?

I don’t send my designs by email.

  • How Can I get infos before everyone ?

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